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About Us

Our Vision

Establish a collection of boutique villas with stunning sea views, situated within walking distance from the breathtaking views of the turquoise colors of Haad Salad bay.

This concept offers an alternative to the aging hotels in the area, providing a 5-star hotel experience within privately owned villas capable of generating monthly income capitalizing on the growing tourism industry and local alternatives.

We realized there is a lack of high-end modern accommodations with a living space, kitchen, and a resort atmosphere in the entire Sritanu area. This observation became the inspiration behind this project.

Explore the charm of our Thai-inspired modern design village, where shared living spaces harmonize with vibrant tropical surroundings.

We offer

15 private modern villas, available in various sizes. Each villa is designed to provia an exclusive experience, while shared spaces ensure your stay feels like a vacation resort. all within a convenient 2-minute walk (200 m) to the beach.

Welcome to your ultimate escape!

We work with registered suppliers that are well experienced and with all the local advisory boards required to provide high-end results according to plans and thai laws.

Work ethic & Legal guidance

Expect high value increase upon project completion and enjoy an approximately high 20% ROI from the island's long summer tourism seasons.

High Return on Investment

Secure your slice of paradise at Koh Phangan's most desirable locations in Haad salad bay. located in one of the most popular areas around Sritanu.

Prime Location Opportunity

The project will be constructed with certified companies with all necessary approvals, designed by international architect teams and led by a highly experienced project manager.

Visionary Design & Quality Construction

Invest in Paradise


Haad Salad Beach is located on the northwest coast of Koh Phangan. It's known for its beautiful white sandy beach, crystal-clear waters, and breathtaking sunsets. Set in a prime location, this property is just a short walk from the enchanting Haad Salad Bay, an ideal spot for snorkeling and discovering vibrant coral reefs and colorful fish just steps from the shore. Within a brief drive, you'll reach the island's most renowned attractions, including Koh-Ma Beach, Secret Beach, and Zen Beach. Along the nearby road, a multitude of local-style restaurants beckon, providing exceptional dining options for a diverse culinary experience. Moreover, the convenience of Thong Sala Pier, 7 Eleven, Lotus, and Big C, all just a few minutes driving away adds to the overall convenience and enjoyment of your stay.

Hin Kong

Stunning sunsets, excellent beach bars where fine cocktails & music meet
Order a cool drink and enjoy the atmosphere and view of Angthong National Marine Park.
Just a 10 minute drive.

24px Title

Zen Beach

Discover one of Koh Phangan's most unique destinations, an idyllic beach where jam sessions, dancing, and lively gatherings create the true essence of this island paradise.
Just 10 minutes drive.

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Secret Beach

A perfect place for a relaxed day at the beach with picturesque rock boulders & coconut trees settings This popular beach offers a perfect white sand, clear waters and very cool restaurant
and bar with great food and vibes.
Just 5 minutes drive.

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Koh Ma Beach

Explore a small island paradise where a walk across the sea leads
to vibrant coral reefs teeming with beautiful marine life.
Dive into Koh Phangan's underwater wonderland.
Just 8 minutes drive.

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Growing Tourism

The island of Koh Phangan has experienced consistent growth in tourism and residential relocation year over year, maintaining a thriving year-round tourism industry.

Stunning Beauty

Fall in love with Koh Phangan's pristine beaches, vibrant coral reefs, and lush jungles – a backdrop that attracts visitors and nomads from around the world.

Appreciating Value

Land and property values in Koh Phangan are on the rise, offering the promise of significant returns on your investment.

Lifestyle Investment

Enjoy the island's laid-back vibe and stunning natural surroundings while your investment grows. Koh Phangan offers the perfect balance between a profitable asset and a dream lifestyle.

Invest in Paradise: Why Koh Phangan, Thailand, is Your Ideal Real Estate Destination

Discover an island where lush tropical beauty meets smart investment opportunities. Koh Phangan offers a unique blend of natural wonders and a thriving tourism industry, making it a prime location for real estate investments. 

Here's why:

Nearby Attractions

Sala Suan


Is buying a home is legal in Thailand?

Yes. Through leasehold ownership or a legal Thai-registered company. the safest and easiest way is through leasehold which is legally protected under Thai law. Thai laws do not allow individuals to own 100% of land in Thailand in a freehold structure.

Is there any additional costs to take into consideration?

Yes. the registration process costs 20k Thai baht, for the lawyer's fee for setting up the agreements. there is a monthly payment for the management and company.

  • Full advanced payment upon signing a purchase agreement. (Approximately 10% discount on the finalized villa).

  • Installment payment in stages -  30% purchase agreement 30% registration phase, 30% beginning construction (scheduled July-sep 2024), and 10% key delivery upon completion. 

What are the payment terms?

2 options available

Does is include furniture?

Yes. all units will be fully furnished.

The management company will manage the public spaces and the villas internally, including renting, cleaning, do maintenance work, and all necessary actions to keep the compound up and running.

Who will be taking care of my villa if I’m not living on the island?

The compound will be managed by a professional management company that the villa owners and, or developers will choose.

What is the land title ?

The land title is chanote, which is the higher land grade available in Thailand. meaning all measurements and criteria are accurate and fully legitimized.

What is the schedule?

The marketing phase should be finalized by July 2024, from then to be on the safe side we take 14-16 months.

How does the leasehold process works ?

A simple lease agreement provides foreigners ownership of the house for 3 periods of 30 years each. and also inheritance for future generations

  • Size of the villa - several villa types are available at various prices.

  • The Villa location in the project impacts the view.

  • The price will increase over time, with each step completed risk minimization will apply and prices will go up. same as all real estate projects around the globe.

  • Private plunge pool yes or no.

Will all units cost the same price?

No. 4 main impacts on pricing.

Will i be able to purchase the villa land instead of the leasehold structure?

Yes. if you have a Thai-registered company, you will be able at any given moment to transfer the leasehold structure into freehold ownership.

You are buying more than the land surrounding your specific villa.

Who will own the public spaces?

All public spaces will be registered equally on the percentage basis of your villa size in compering. So yes,

Dec-April (high season)

May-Aug  (low-mid)

Sep-Nov (mid-season)

But our assumption is for a 60-80% occupancy rate at different times of the year.

Villa owners will have 1 month a year free of charge from the management company costs to enjoy their villas for holidays.

What occupancy rate should I expect, and can I use the villa for the holiday?

luckily, Koh Phangan is one of the only places on earth that enjoys almost 12 months of tourism season.

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